Curated Voice News

These are the news items that I have curated during the monitoring of the API space that have some relevance to the Voice conversation and I wanted to include in my research. I am using all of these links to better understand how the space is defining not just their APIs, but their schema, and other moving parts of their API operations.

Developers can use Alexa's 'long (04-16-2020)
Ecobees new security camera doubles as an Alexa speaker (04-15-2020)
Apple's latest acquisition could help Siri understand what you're saying (04-03-2020)
Marshall's latest Alexa smart speaker is a compact cube (03-25-2020)
Researchers highlight racial bias in speech recognition systems (03-24-2020)
Amazon rolls out Alexa (03-12-2020)
Google's New ML (03-06-2020)
Signal is finally bringing its secure messaging to the masses (02-16-2020)
CouchDB REST API for Document CRUD Operations Examples With Postman (01-15-2020)
Put your archive data on ice with new storage offering (01-08-2020)
Turn Alexa into Your Personal Messaging Assistant (01-08-2020)
Rhasspy is an open source, fully offline voice assistant toolkit ( (01-03-2020)
Scripts from The Office, the dataset (12-30-2019)
Open (12-24-2019)
UnDraw: Open (12-22-2019)
Email APIs Which One is Right for You? (12-19-2019)
Introducing Load Balancing Analytics (12-10-2019)
Choosing an API (12-08-2019)
Elasticsearch Service is now available on Microsoft Azure in Singapore (11-25-2019)
Google buys Fitbit for $2.1 billion (11-01-2019)
Mark Zuckerberg still won't ban 'political' ads from Facebook (10-30-2019)
RESTful API for Beginners (10-27-2019)
Pub/Sub Local Emulator (10-22-2019)
Alexa and Google Home abused to eavesdrop and phish passwords (10-20-2019)
How to send scheduled messages to Slack with the Google Calendar API (10-14-2019)
What is an API Portal? Get the facts (10-14-2019)
The best Alexa (09-22-2019)
Amazon starts crowdsourcing Alexa responses from the public. What could possibly go wrong? (09-13-2019)
Scientists propose Spaceline elevator to the Moon (09-12-2019)
The future of tracing is open (09-11-2019)
The 16 Alexa (09-10-2019)
Roboats are Modular Autonomous Boats That Transform into Dynamic Floating Infrastructure (09-06-2019)
Lenovo's take on Google's Nest Hub has a built (09-05-2019)
New homepage and improved collaboration features for AI Hub (09-05-2019)
The Importance of Comments for Maintainable Code (09-05-2019)
How to sell pay per use SaaS to AWS customers in the AWS Marketplace (09-04-2019)
AWS Lambda Cold Start Language Comparisons, 2019 edition (09-04-2019)
New Alexa Research on Task (09-04-2019)
Structured Data Files v5 now available in the DoubleClick Bid Manager API (09-03-2019)
Standards drive innovation and user experience (09-02-2019)
How to make Network API call in Android. (08-30-2019)
Introducing Pulse 2.0site and server monitoring for developers (08-30-2019)
Enhancing Data Privacy in Healthcare with Automated Data Governance (08-30-2019)
Forms Are Hard (08-29-2019)
64 AWS services achieve HITRUST certification (08-29-2019)
How Patents Drive Innovation at Facebook (08-29-2019)
Setup Your Local Environment for Debugging An Alexa Skill (08-28-2019)
New Botnet Targets Android Set (08-28-2019)
Facebook once again tightens requirements for US political advertisers (08-28-2019)
Were still not getting voice assistants right (08-28-2019)
How to Use Keywords in Your Blogging Strategy (08-27-2019)
Kitty Hawk CEO Sebastian Thrun is coming to Disrupt SF (08-27-2019)
Exploring Weight Agnostic Neural Networks (08-27-2019)
The BBC is developing a voice assistant, code named Beeb (08-27-2019)
Two rungs up the non (08-26-2019)
The risks of amoral AI (08-25-2019)
Amazon Transcribe Now Supports Mandarin and Russian (08-23-2019)
How to Avoid Cost Pitfalls by Monitoring APIs in AWS Lambda (08-23-2019)
Backup service IDrive launches a face recognition API for developers (08-23-2019)
Bugged cell location data prompts Denmark to review 10,000 court cases (08-23-2019)
FAA threatens $25,000 fine for weaponizing drones (08-23-2019)
Partner Perspective: We Are Listening (08-23-2019)
Sphero buys LittleBits in a bid to dominate connected educational toys (08-23-2019)
Google moves closer to letting Chrome web apps edit your files despite warning it could be 'abused in terrible ways' (08-23-2019)
Introduce React Plugin Template (08-22-2019)
Reactive Spring: Define a REST Endpoint as a Continuous Stream (08-22-2019)
Bose's new portable speaker has Alexa, Google Assistant and 360 audio (08-22-2019)
Meet Mindar, the robotic Buddhist priest (08-22-2019)
StormCrawler open source web crawler strengthened by Elasticsearch, Kibana (08-22-2019)
Kong 1.3 Released! Native gRPC Proxying, Upstream Mutual TLS Authentication, and Much More (08-21-2019)
Splunk Moves into Microservices Monitoring with SignalFX Acquisition (08-21-2019)
Porsche invests in low visibility sensor startup TriEye (08-21-2019)
What We Mean by Feature Flags (08-21-2019)
New wristband could predict aggressive outbursts in people with autism (08-21-2019)
Waymo releases a self (08-21-2019)
Google Docs 'live edits' feature helps the visually impaired (08-21-2019)
How we reduced our API calls by 50% (08-20-2019)
Apache Kafka: Basic Setup and Usage With Command (08-20-2019)
Facebook and University Researchers Developing Mind (08-20-2019)
Surveillance as a Condition for Humanitarian Aid (08-20-2019)
Why You Should Auto (08-20-2019)
Study finds US carriers aggressively throttle video streams (08-19-2019)
More than 20 Texas cities and towns have been taken hostage by ransomware (08-19-2019)
After data incidents, Instagram expands its bug bounty (08-19-2019)
MIT built a better way to deliver high (08-19-2019)
How to Reduce Cognitive Load for Voice Design (08-19-2019)
Self (08-19-2019)
Google Traffic Director and the L7 Internal Load Balancer Intermingles Cloud Native and Legacy Workloads (08-19-2019)
Why is Serverless Architecture becoming popular for App Development? (08-19-2019)
Log In With the Google OAuth Demo App (08-18-2019)
Integrating Slack into your Laravel API (08-18-2019)
Using Token (08-18-2019)
How low (08-17-2019)
Facebook voice (08-15-2019)
New AI System Helps Accelerate Alexa Skill Development (08-15-2019)
Smart ovens have been turning on overnight and preheating to 400 degrees (08-14-2019)
Facebook simplifies its Group privacy settings (08-14-2019)
Side (08-14-2019)
TensorFlow 2.0: Dynamic, Readable, and Highly Extended (08-14-2019)
Major Impediments to Continuous Testing (08-14-2019)
MQTT Publishing and Subscribing Messages to MQTT Broker (CloudMQTT) Using .NET C# MQTT Client Library (08-14-2019)
Apple is reportedly in talks to let Siri play Spotify tracks (08-14-2019)
How APIs are Transforming Travel Businesses? (08-14-2019)
Canary deployments with Consul Service Mesh (08-13-2019)
WebSSL (08-12-2019)
Amazon Introduces Two New Features for Polly: Neural Text (08-09-2019)
Whos on First? How Alexa Is Learning to Resolve Referring Terms (08-07-2019)
Did you say, Hey, Siri? Apple and Amazon curtail human review of voice recordings. (08-02-2019)
Deleting your Siri voice recordings from Apples servers is confusing heres how (08-02-2019)
Amazon develops a new way to help Alexa answer complex questions (07-31-2019)
How to Debug Your Alexa Skill Using DynamoDB with the New Alexa Skills Kit SDK Helpers in Python (07-31-2019)
Google is phasing out the old Voice Search in favor of Assistant (07-28-2019)
Siri recordings regularly sent to Apple contractors for analysis, claims whistleblower (07-26-2019)
Apple contractors frequently hear sensitive info in Siri recordings (07-26-2019)
Google is giving away 100,000 Home Minis to people living with paralysis (07-26-2019)
Google will give 100,000 Home Minis to people with paralysis (07-26-2019)
Using the Alexa Skills Kit Command Line Interface with Alexa (07-19-2019)
Introducing Announcements on Alexa Built (05-24-2019)
A new Alexa skill lets you control your Roku devices (03-05-2019)
Amazon says babies now have their own Alexa API for childcare smart home gadgets (02-05-2019)
How to Send Media Event Notifications to Your Alexa Skill Customers with the ProactiveEvents API (02-05-2019)
Alexa skills top 80,000 after a big Alexa (02-01-2019)
US prisons are reportedly creating 'voice print' databases (01-30-2019)
Building your own Alexa Skill from scratch2019 edition (01-29-2019)
Creating a memory dump of a Windows EC2 instance with Alexa and SSM (01-29-2019)
How to Use the Reminders API with the Alexa Skills Kit Software Development Kit for Java (01-29-2019)
Manage and Control Your Skills through the Alexa Developer Console or SMAPI (01-25-2019)
Alexa (01-24-2019)
Leveraging Unannotated Data to Bootstrap Alexa Functions More Quickly (01-22-2019)
Sonos and Ikeas Symfonisk smart speakers will launch this August (01-18-2019)
Whyd now helps companies create their custom voice assistant (01-18-2019)
NPR turns comedy game show Wait, Wait Dont Tell Me! into an Alexa and Google voice app (01-17-2019)
Alexa can read news briefs in a 'newscaster' voice in the US (01-16-2019)
Alexas news (01-16-2019)
Build a parasite to block your digital assistant (01-16-2019)
Wrest control from a snooping smart speaker with this teachable parasite (01-16-2019)
'The Sims' Alexa Skill is a game companion for superfans (01-15-2019)
Amazon's base Fire TV Stick now comes with its new Alexa remote (01-15-2019)
Hear It from a Skill Builder: How to Design and Validate an Alexa Skill Idea in 5 Days (01-14-2019)
The New York Times expands its briefing series on Alexa (01-11-2019)
The New York Times wants to use Amazons Alexa to reach new listeners (01-11-2019)
Alexa Skill Teardown: Building the Interaction Model for the Space Explorer Skill (01-11-2019)
Localizing Your Alexa Skills: How to Tailor Your Voice Experience for Global Audiences (01-09-2019)
Googles plan to take on Alexa: new features, new devices, and a Trojan horse (01-08-2019)
The Anker Roav Bolt lets drivers plug Google Assistant into their car (01-08-2019)
Razer integrates Amazons Alexa voice controls and haptic feedback into its gaming platform (01-08-2019)
Petcube cameras add Alexa voice controls for the laziest pet owners (01-08-2019)
Sony adds Alexa to its noise (01-07-2019)
Google Assistant will soon be on a billion devices, and feature phones are next (01-07-2019)
Here is developing a car navigation system powered by Alexa (01-07-2019)
Amazon reports over 100 million Alexa devices sold (01-05-2019)
More than 100 million Alexa devices have been sold (01-04-2019)
How to Optimize Your Upsell Strategy for Your Monetized Alexa Skills (01-04-2019)
How to Optimize Cost of AWS Lambda (01-04-2019)
New AWS Certification and Training Opportunities for Alexa Developers (01-03-2019)
New Alexa Skill Sample: Learn Multimodal Skill Design with Space Explorer (01-03-2019)
Alexa Skills for Everyone: How to Design an Inclusive Voice Experience (01-02-2019)
Samsung is reportedly making a budget Bixby (12-29-2018)
Alexa crashed on Christmas Day (12-26-2018)
Checklist: Ensure Your Monetized Alexa Skills Are Eligible for Amazon Promotion (12-21-2018)
Amazon Slip (12-21-2018)
Alexa now knows how high swans fly thanks to Wolfram Alpha (12-20-2018)
Amazon Sends 1,700 Alexa Voice Recordings to a Random Person ( (12-20-2018)
Build and Deploy Alexa Skills Faster with New AWS Integration (12-20-2018)
Alexa gets access to Wolfram Alphas knowledge engine (12-20-2018)
Alexa user gets access to 1,700 audio files from a stranger (12-20-2018)
How Alexa knows peanut butter is one shopping (12-19-2018)
With New Data Representation Scheme, Alexa Can Better Match Skills to Customer Requests (12-17-2018)
Deliver Better User Experiences Faster with New Built (12-14-2018)
The Role of Context in Redefining Human (12-07-2018)
Announcing the Winners of the Alexa Skills Challenge: Games (12-07-2018)
Alexa will pepper you with questions to build better playlists (12-06-2018)
Amazon turns to customers for questions Alexa cant answer (12-06-2018)
Amazon Alexa is beta testing crowdsourced answers (12-06-2018)
Amazon is crowdsourcing Alexas answers to tough questions (12-06-2018)
Fire TV Cube gains a one (12-06-2018)
Managing your active telephony calls with Call Control APIs (11-26-2018)
I live with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri. Heres which you should pick. (11-21-2018)
Accelerate Smart Device Certification with the New Works with Alexa Console (Beta) (11-20-2018)
Alexa will soon be able to read the news just like a professional (11-20-2018)
Downloading Call log using RingCentral Call Log API endpointQuick Tip (11-19-2018)
Alexa can now make Skype calls (11-19-2018)
Skype calling now available on Alexa (11-19-2018)
Amazon launches Alexa (11-15-2018)
Building Conversational Alexa Skills: Validating Slots with Dialog Management (11-13-2018)
Introducing the AVS Hosted Splash Screen (11-07-2018)
Amazon Echo and Alexa arrive in Mexico (11-07-2018)
Should Alexa be your childs friend? (11-03-2018)
Remind Customers of Important Tasks or Events with the Reminders API (11-01-2018)
Alexa Fund Invests in German Smart Thermostat, tado (10-31-2018)
Test Driven Development with Alexa SDK (10-29-2018)
Why a random federal agency gets to decide which devices we tinker with (10-26-2018)
Alexa now lets you control Fire TV apps with your voice (10-26-2018)
Announcing Alexa for Business Support for Products with Alexa Built (10-24-2018)
Amazon patents Alexa tech to tell if youre sick, depressed and sell you meds (10-11-2018)
New Nexmo APIs to Help Vonage Expand Multi (10-10-2018)
Are businesses prepared for the voice revolution? (10-08-2018)
Amazon's Alexa microwave is officially a thing (09-20-2018)
Alexa Skill Recipe Update: Call and Get Data from External APIs (09-17-2018)
HubSpot Introduces Beta Version of Calling API (09-14-2018)
Container Store tracks appointments with voice tech (09-14-2018)
Announcing Optional Account Linking: Customers Can Now Use Your Alexa Skill without Linking Accounts (09-12-2018)
Text (09-07-2018)
Samsung has opened Bixby to developers (KRX) (09-07-2018)
3 Types of Alexa Skills Anyone Can Build With Storyline (09-06-2018)
IFA 2018: Alexa Devices Continue Expansion Into New Categories and Use Cases (09-01-2018)
How Alexa Is Learning to Ignore TV, Radio, and Other Media Players (08-31-2018)
More Alexa blueprints arrive, offering customizable voice apps for families and roommates (08-31-2018)
Alexa routers are a thing now (08-31-2018)
How to build a Serverless Alexa Skill (08-30-2018)
Researchers show Alexa skill squatting could hijack voice commands (08-30-2018)
Netgear combined a mesh router with an Alexa speaker (08-30-2018)
Create Eye (08-30-2018)
How was I funneled into Alexa Development? (08-29-2018)
Alexa, It's Bedtime! Announcing Routines for Products with Alexa Built (08-29-2018)
Google upgrades its speech APIs with improved features (08-29-2018)
Announcing Contact and Motion Sensor APIs and Integration into Alexa Routines, Unlocking New Customer Scenarios in Home Automation, Monitoring, and Control (08-28-2018)
Google Cloud's Text (08-28-2018)
Google updates its speech services for developers (08-28-2018)
Google Cloud's Text (08-28-2018)
How Alexa Is Learning to Converse More Naturally (08-27-2018)
Things Every Alexa Skill Should Do: Beta Testing (08-24-2018)
Introducing the Vonage Nexmo Platform: APIs to Grow Your Business (08-23-2018)
Amazon's Alexa Fellowship expands to 14 more universities (08-22-2018)
Alexa Fund Invests in Student Scientists and Entrepreneurs with Expanded Alexa Fellowship (08-22-2018)
Alexa is going to school (AMZN) (08-21-2018)
How to use the Customer Profile API in Amazon Alexa skills (08-17-2018)
Metadata Deep Dive for In (08-17-2018)
Look inside an Alexa Skill with Thundra (08-17-2018)
Security Best Practices for Cloud (08-17-2018)
Enable Customers to Access Recorded Video Feeds with Alexa via the Cameras Recap API (08-16-2018)
Google Cloud Speech API on Android (08-10-2018)
Samsung makes Bixby more conversational, concierge (08-09-2018)
Alexa isnt the shopping behemoth Amazon hoped it would be (08-06-2018)
Amazon Alexas new Answer Update feature will notify you when Alexa learns something new (08-06-2018)
Evaluate speech (08-03-2018)
Downloading Call log using RingCentral call (08-02-2018)
Snapchat launches its first speech recognition lenses (08-01-2018)
Snapchat launches new Lenses that respond to your voice (08-01-2018)
Developer Tools to Help You Build Alexa Skills (08-01-2018)
Amazon Alexa Customer Profile (07-31-2018)
Someone taught Amazon's Alexa sign language (07-30-2018)
Amazon will prevent command confusion on all Alexa devices (07-25-2018)
That $20 Wyze Cam now works with Alexa (07-19-2018)
5 New Tutorials to Help You Integrate Alexa Voice Capabilities into Your Product (07-18-2018)
Best Practices for Building Alexa Skills for Fire TV Cube (07-18-2018)
Neural networks to communicate with Alexa devices using sign language (07-16-2018)
Now Your Voice (07-13-2018)
Voice, Alexa, and realtime: Making interactions into lasting experiences (07-12-2018)
Things Every Alexa Skill Should Do: Include a Variety of Responses (07-06-2018)
Sonos' public filing shows the challenge of relying on Alexa (07-06-2018)
Amazon Introduces Alexa Skills Kit SDK for Python (07-03-2018)
Announcing the Winners of the Alexa Skills Challenge: Life Hacks (06-29-2018)
Facebook patent would turn your mic on to analyze how you watch ads (06-28-2018)
How to Add FallbackIntent Handling to Your Alexa Skill (06-28-2018)
BabbleLabs Clear Cloud (06-26-2018)
How to write Alexa skill data to DynamoDB with AWS Lambda (06-26-2018)
HypRank: How Alexa Determines What Skill Can Best Meet a Customers Need (06-08-2018)
It's too easy to trick your Echo into spying on you (06-01-2018)
Amazon Alexa will begin suggesting skills for random requests (06-01-2018)
Alexas recording snafu was improbable, but inevitable (05-25-2018)
Twilio Launches Public Beta for Recording Composition API (05-24-2018)
Amazon explains how Alexa recorded a private conversation and sent it to another user (05-24-2018)
Amazon Echo recorded a conversation and sent it to a random contact (updated) (05-24-2018)
Amazon confirms that Echo device secretly shared users private audio [Updated] (05-24-2018)
Alexa listened to a couple's conversation and sent it to the husband's employee without permission (05-24-2018)
New Developer Preview: Easily Use Amazon Polly Voices in Alexa Skills (05-16-2018)
TiVo adds Alexa voice control to its DVRs (05-14-2018)
Whats New with Request and Response Interceptors in the Alexa Skills Kit SDK for Node.js (05-11-2018)
Microsoft is Launching a Unified AI Speech API (05-08-2018)
Does Your Doctor Need a Voice Assistant? (05-01-2018)
Deploy a Swarm Cluster With Alexa (04-25-2018)
How to Build Custom Alexa Skills for the Amazon Echo (04-20-2018)
Alexa, I am your boss! (04-19-2018)
Introducing the Particle Device Cloud Alexa Skill (04-12-2018)
Introducing the Particle Device Cloud Alexa Skill (04-12-2018)
Google Makes Speech (04-09-2018)
What Siri can learn from Google Assistant (04-07-2018)
Amazon Transcribe Now Generally Available (04-04-2018)
Amazon Translate Now Generally Available (04-04-2018)
Alexa Routines can now include music and podcasts (04-04-2018)
Alexa Skill Recipe: Making HTTP Requests to Get Data from an External API (04-04-2018)
Amazon Updated Alexa's Updated Video Skill API (04-01-2018)
Amazon upgrades Alexa's video API for better binge (03-30-2018)
New Training Course: Learn How to Create Conversational Skills on Codecademy (03-30-2018)
Programmable voice communication with RingCentral RingOut capability (03-29-2018)
Google gives developers text (03-27-2018)
Need an existential reason for ditching Alexa? Here are a few (03-24-2018)
Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform, Releases New Enterprise Plan (03-16-2018)
Alexa Skills Challenge Offers $250,000 in Prizes for the Best Life Hack Skills (03-15-2018)
VoiceBase Updates its Speech Analytics API (03-13-2018)
Amazon Echo now reads your first Audible book for free (03-13-2018)
The Value of Simulation for IoT: Hacking Alexa With Service Virtualization (03-13-2018)
Alexa, why are you laughing? (03-12-2018)
VoiceBase Strengthens its Speech Analytics API with a Powerful New Categorization Engine and Query Language ... (03-12-2018)
Hollywood's scariest supercomputer joins the Amazon Alexa family (03-11-2018)
6 Ways to Make Your Smart Speakers More Secure (03-10-2018)
Amazon adds follow (03-09-2018)
Amazon admits Alexa is creepily laughing at people and is working on a fix (03-07-2018)
Deezer now works with Amazon Alexa (03-06-2018)
Everything You Need to Know About Voice Recognition Technology (03-05-2018)
A Smart Speaker That Doesnt Pilfer Your Privacy: The Open Source Mycroft Mark II (03-04-2018)
Alexa lost its voice... for real this time (03-02-2018)
Announcing the New Alexa Skills Kit Sound Library to Create More Engaging Skills (03-02-2018)
Alexa is down, and everyone is making Super Bowl jokes (03-02-2018)
Developer Attempts to Transcribe a Podcast with Microsofts Speech API. Hilarity Ensues. (03-01-2018)
Tom Hewitson Builds a Thriving Business with Voice, Credits Alexa Developer Rewards for Growth (02-23-2018)
Ozonetel Introduces Speech API for KooKoo IVR (02-22-2018)
Introducing the 2018 Alexa Accelerator, Powered by Techstars (02-21-2018)
Amazon seeks to boost user retention for Alexa skills (AMZN) (02-20-2018)
Kookoo launches speech API; supports Zena and Google speech engine (02-20-2018)
Create your own AI (02-19-2018)
How to Maintain an Engaging Voice (02-16-2018)
New Alexa Skills Kit Developer Console (Beta) Streamlines Development Process (02-15-2018)
GreenKey releases voice API via OpenFin (02-14-2018)
GreenKey releases voice API via OpenFin (02-14-2018)
EFF tells the Copyright Office: we don't know how to make voice assistants better, but here's how not to make them worse (02-08-2018)
Using the Glip API to Add Guest Users (02-08-2018)
Voicegram lets anyone record and share a conversation with Alexa (02-06-2018)
Storyline lets you build and publish Alexa skills without coding (02-02-2018)
Amazons Echo, Alexa and Music Unlimited are hitting Australia and New Zealand next month (01-17-2018)
Alexa will one day be able to tell you what it thinks about movies and beer (01-15-2018)
Alexa Skill Teardown: Decoding Dialog Management with the Pet Match Skill (01-12-2018)
Comcast launched free voice (01-10-2018)
Its about time Alexa, Google, and Siri learn to play nice (01-09-2018)
Amazon's Alexa is coming to Toyota and Lexus cars (AMZN) (01-09-2018)
Toyota will offer Alexa in its cars starting later this year (01-09-2018)
Resource Roundup: Top Alexa Tips and Tutorials for Smart Home Skill Builders (01-09-2018)
Google launches a new directory to help you discover Assistant actions (01-08-2018)
Panasonic and Alexa Onboard bring offline voice control to your car (01-08-2018)
This mesh router is also an Alexa (01-08-2018)
Alexa will soon help you make popcorn with voice (01-06-2018)
Amazon Brings Cooking Controls To Alexa With Smart Home Skill API (01-05-2018)
Adds new API for microwave ovens (01-05-2018)
Amazon Alexa Mobile Accessories: A New Alexa (01-05-2018)
Introducing the Amazon Alexa Premium Far (01-05-2018)
Voice Interfaces Beginning to Find their Way into Business (01-01-2018)
Voice interfaces beginning to find their way into business (12-31-2017)
University of Oklahoma Expands Student Engagement with Alexa Skills (12-28-2017)
Resource Roundup: Top Alexa Tips and Tutorials for Advanced Skill Builders (12-27-2017)
Amazons Alexa app hits the top of the App Store for the first time (12-27-2017)
Designing Alexa Skills for Echo Spot: 7 Tips to Get Started (12-26-2017)
Guidemaster: Everything Amazons Alexa can do, plus the best skills to enable (12-26-2017)
Best Practices for Scaling Your Alexa Skill Using Amazon Web Services (12-22-2017)
Tutorials: Building Far (12-22-2017)
Resource Roundup: Top Alexa Tips and Tutorials for Building Kid Skills (12-22-2017)
How To Create a Dynamic Alexa Skill Using Google Sheets And Storyline (12-22-2017)
Evaluation of Speech for the Google Assistant (12-21-2017)
Siri cant talk to me: The challenge of teaching language to voice assistants (12-21-2017)
How Alexa could save the business meeting (12-19-2017)
A dad looks at a year's worth of voice (12-18-2017)
Voice assistant usage remains low (12-15-2017)
Alexa skills top 25,000 in the U.S. as new launches slow (12-15-2017)
How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Chatbot Application? (12-14-2017)
Improving End (12-14-2017)
Amazon's Alexa Wants You to Talk to Your Ads (12-13-2017)
Tips on Promoting Your Alexa Skill (12-12-2017)
Amazon adds music alarms to Alexa (12-11-2017)
Join the Alexa Pioneers Who Are Changing the World with Voice (12-07-2017)
Honeywell Taps into New Smart Home Skill API Features to Make Using Its Devices Even Easier (12-04-2017)
Amazon rolls out monetization tools for Alexa skills (AMZN) (12-04-2017)
Amazon's Alexa is leading the voice (12-02-2017)
Amazon Pay coming to Alexa for in (12-01-2017)
Amazon is bringing Alexa to the workplace (11-30-2017)
Introducing Alexa for Business (11-30-2017)
Announcing More Personalized Skill Responses When Alexa Recognizes a Customers Voice (Developer Preview) (11-30-2017)
Announcing Alexa for Business: Using Amazon Alexas Voice Enabled Devices for Workplaces (11-30-2017)
Building a Public Database for Voices (11-30-2017)
Amazon is looking to drive user retention for Alexa skills (AMZN) (11-30-2017)
WeWork has big plans for Alexa for Business (11-30-2017)
Alexa and Echo will land in Australia and NZ in early 2018 (11-29-2017)
Amazon is putting Alexa in the office (11-29-2017)
Amazon Announces New Ways to Earn Money with Your Alexa Skills (Developer Preview) (11-29-2017)
How to Update Your Skills for Australia and New Zealand (11-29-2017)
New Ways to Integrate Alexa Introducing Alexa Voice Service Solution Providers (11-29-2017)
Amazon adds in (11-29-2017)
Alexa Fund Goes Abroad with Up To $100 Million in New Global Investments (11-29-2017)
Connecting Amazons Alexa with New Relic (11-29-2017)
Waze adds new motorcycle mode and OK Waze voice commands (11-29-2017)
Smartly.AI AI voice platform for Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa (11-29-2017)
Third (11-28-2017)
Amazon will let Alexa developers use voice recognition to personalize apps (11-28-2017)
Expanded Developer Preview of Notifications for Alexa Skills (11-28-2017)
Alexa developers can now use notifications, soon personalize apps based on users voices (11-28-2017)
Alexa, How Do I Design With Your Voice Service? (11-27-2017)
AWS Media Services Process, Store, and Monetize Cloud (11-27-2017)
What Amazon Echo and Google Home Do With Your Voice DataAnd How to Delete It (11-24-2017)
Snips lets you build your own voice assistant to embed into your devices (11-22-2017)
Sonos One now supports voice control of Spotify with Alexa (11-21-2017)
This $800 Alexa (11-20-2017)
Alexa skill development done right: Advanced setup (11-20-2017)
Voicemod SDK Add real time voice changer to your app with a simple SDK (11-17-2017)
Actions On Google Comes To Canadian Users, API Released (11-16-2017)
Canada, meet Amazon Alexa (11-15-2017)
Cisco Warns of Critical Flaw in Voice OS (11-15-2017)
Amazon brings Echo and Alexa to Canada (11-15-2017)
Alexa Skills Kit and Alexa Voice Service Expand to Canada (11-15-2017)
Amazon aims to diminish the role of smartphones with Alexa (AMZN) (11-14-2017)
Muse is a simple dedicated Amazon Alexa add (11-14-2017)
Keep Users Engaged & Entertained while Processing Skill Responses (11-13-2017)
Amazon enables Smart Home Skill API for Alexa UK, Sony TVs offer early integration (11-13-2017)
Alexa, Turn on the TV Alexa Smart Home Device Controls for TVs, Audio Video Devices and Entertainment Hubs Now Available in UK (11-10-2017)
A German Alexa owner returned home to find his Amazon device had started a 'party' at 2am, leading to police breaking down his door (11-08-2017)
Amazon teaches Alexa Japanese for Echo's next destination (11-08-2017)
Alexa Skills Kit Now Available in Japan / Alexa Skills Kit (11-07-2017)
3 Alexa (11-07-2017)
Amazon Alexa turned me into a prepper (11-03-2017)
New Developer Training: Alexa Skills Series in Ruby by Makers Academy (11-03-2017)
Demystifying ML: How machine learning is used for speech recognition (11-03-2017)
Voice Interfaces Will Revolutionize Patient Engagement (11-02-2017)
Sonos promises Alexa (11-01-2017)
Sonos promises to have Spotify and Alexa voice commands working by December 21st (11-01-2017)
Google Home error shows why digital assistants still have a long way to go (11-01-2017)
Honeywell announces a DIY security system with Alexa integration (11-01-2017)
Berlins AdaHealth raises$47M to become the Alexa of healthcare (10-31-2017)
@google (10-30-2017)
Voice interfaces will revolutionize patient engagement (10-29-2017)
Amazon's Alexa push is making customers buy more (10-26-2017)
Introducing New Advanced Alexa Skills Courses by Codecademy (10-26-2017)
Alexa Skills Challenge Offers $250,000 in Prizes for Best Kid Skills (10-25-2017)
Amazon's home security Cloud Cam supports Alexa (10-25-2017)
Customize Lists on Alexa (10-23-2017)
Intel and Amazon partner on voice recognition tech (10-19-2017)
Intel Announces New Dev Kit for Building Far (10-19-2017)
The Sonos One offers all that wireless speaker goodness with a side of Alexa (10-18-2017)
Amazon's Alexa can create lists for virtually anything (10-18-2017)
Sonos One review: Alexa has never sounded better (10-17-2017)
Alexa skill development done right: Basic setup (10-17-2017)
Calling University Students: Build the Ultimate Game for Alexa for a Chance to Win Prizes (10-17-2017)
Alexa adds support for custom lists (10-17-2017)
Garmins Speak puts Alexa (10-17-2017)
Why AWS Lambda? 4 Benefits to Using AWS Lambda for Your Custom Skill (10-13-2017)
Voice is bigger than Amazon Echo (10-13-2017)
Amazon's Alexa is dominating the smart speaker landscape (AMZN, GOOG, GOOGL) (10-13-2017)
Order from Target nationwide by chatting with Google Assistant (10-12-2017)
Alexa will finally be able to tell people apart (10-12-2017)
Target expands partnership with Google on voice shopping, Google Express (10-12-2017)
Amazon's Alexa will now be able to tell different voices apart (AMZN) (10-12-2017)
Amazon's Alexa can recognize the voices of multiple users (10-11-2017)
Amazon Alexa devices can finally tell voices apart (10-11-2017)
Amazons Alexa can now recognize different voices and give personalized responses (10-11-2017)
Man asks Alexa if he is being detained (10-11-2017)
Yandex introduces Alice, an Alexa (10-10-2017)
WebRTC Ventures Releases and Tokbox Integration (10-09-2017)
Amazon's new Echo speaker with a touchscreen is on sale for the first time ever (10-09-2017)
Zuzu An (artificially) intelligent assistant for your workplace (10-08-2017)
How to Build Standout Alexa Skills Your Customers Will Love (10-06-2017)
How to Enable Notifications Support on Your Alexa (10-06-2017)
Amazon Alexa integration will soon let some Nissan owners control their cars with their voices (10-06-2017)
MessageBird Voice API Add programmatic call capabilities to your app or service (10-06-2017)
Alexa helps you reserve a ride with car2go's carsharing service (10-05-2017)
How to control your Sonos speaker with an Amazon Echo (10-05-2017)
Sonos just announced a new smart speaker the first to support multiple smart assistants (10-05-2017)
Finally, a male voice for Google Assistant (10-04-2017)
Alexa is about to disappear into other devices, thanks to a new technology (10-04-2017)
Googles WaveNet machine learning (10-04-2017)
Apps for the Google Assistant: new languages, devices and features! (10-04-2017)
Sonos announces the Sonos One, a self (10-04-2017)
Alexa voice control comes to Sonos speakers in public beta (10-04-2017)
Sonos launches public beta for Alexa voice control (10-04-2017)
Sonos announces Alexa (10-04-2017)
Alexa will soon connect to Nissans and offer remote control of your car (10-04-2017)
How to Update Your Skills for India (10-04-2017)
Serverless Amazon Alexa Skills (10-03-2017)
Domino's has a big slice of the voice payments pie thanks to Amazon's Alexa (DPZ, AMZN) (10-02-2017)
Alexas opt (09-28-2017)
The Real Problem With Voice Assistants Like Siri Is Your Brain (09-28-2017)
Amazon Echo and Echo Plus: Hands on with the new Alexa homes (09-27-2017)
Introducing the Next Generation of Alexa (09-27-2017)
Introducing Alexa Gadgets: New Tools for Developers to Create Fun and Interactive Voice ExperiencesSign Up to Stay Tuned (09-27-2017)
BMW will offer Alexa voice control in its cars next year (09-27-2017)
Kitchen Stories Enhances Its Alexa Cooking Skill for Echo Show (09-27-2017)
Amazon launches Echo Spot, an Alexa (09-27-2017)
You can soon activate multi (09-27-2017)
Echo Button is Amazon's tiny accessory for party games (09-27-2017)
BMW is integrating Alexa and far (09-27-2017)
Amazon's redesigned Echo features improved sound, Alexa smarts (09-27-2017)
Unit Testing Your Alexa Skill's Lambda Functions with Postman (09-26-2017)
Set Clear Expectations on What Your Alexa Skill Can Do (09-26-2017)
Google Home adds reminders to its voice (09-25-2017)
Introducing Free Alexa Skills Courses by Codecademy (09-25-2017)
How to Add Variety to Your Alexa Skill's Responses (09-22-2017)
Amazons Alexa wants to rule your world (09-21-2017)
Amazon is looking to further expand Alexa ecosystem with two new products (AMZN) (09-21-2017)
How to control every light in your house with Philips Hues voice commands (09-20-2017)
Amazon is working on smart glasses to house Alexa AI, says FT (09-20-2017)
You can order this drone around your home using Alexa (09-19-2017)
South Park trolls Amazon Alexa owners in this weeks episode (09-16-2017)
Affectiva Announces Emotion API for Speech (09-14-2017)
Bose's next headphones may include Google Assistant (09-14-2017)
Amazon Launches Enhanced Developer Site for the Alexa Voice Service (09-14-2017)
New Affectiva cloud API helps machines understand emotions in human speech (09-13-2017)
Logitech Harmony Enables Voice Control of Entertainment Devices with Alexa (09-11-2017)
Amazon Alexa Skill CLI and Management API to Streamline Development (09-11-2017)
Inaudible Voice Commands Can Hack Siri, Google Now & Alexa (09-10-2017)
Hackers Can Use Ultrasounds to Take Control of Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Others (09-07-2017)
Hackers send silent commands to speech recognition systems with ultrasound (09-06-2017)
Alexa and Google Assistant star in BBC's interactive radio plays (09-06-2017)
Announcing List Events and TwoWay Sync with Alexa Lists (09-06-2017)
Alexa and Siri are vulnerable to 'silent,' nefarious commands (09-06-2017)
5 impacts of speech recognition system in various fields (09-05-2017)
Digital assistants made it into speakers, headphones, phones, lamps, and more at IFA (09-05-2017)
Getting started with the Alexa Skill Management API and the Alexa Skills Kit Command (09-05-2017)
Google Voice command may take frustration out of text messages (09-05-2017)
Amazon's Alexa is finally coming to wearable devices for the first time (AMZN) (09-05-2017)
VoIP Innovations Announces their Acquisition of Apidaze (09-05-2017)
Performance Tuning Alexa Skills using AWS Lambda (09-04-2017)
Harman now has smart speakers for Alexa, Cortana and Google Assistant (09-02-2017)
Alexas flash briefing can now update you on the latest music news and events (09-01-2017)
Sanbot's Alexa (08-31-2017)
Amazon and Microsoft join forces to take on voice market (AMZN, MSFT) (08-31-2017)
Alexa Now Supports Kid Skills (08-31-2017)
Teaching AI to Recognize Speech (08-31-2017)
Amazon adds parental consent to Alexa skills aimed at children, launches first legal kids skills (08-31-2017)
Nickelodeons SpongeBob Skill for Alexa Entertains Kids with a Voice (08-31-2017)
Sesame Street Launches Alexa Skill Featuring Elmo to Educate and Entertain Kids (08-31-2017)
Anryze ICO to Build Crypto AI Distributed Speech Recognition Computing Network (08-31-2017)
Libratone update will add Amazon Alexa voice control to its speakers (08-31-2017)
Echos messaging service may add support for SMS texts from your own Alexa number (08-30-2017)
Google is trying to counter Amazon by putting its voice assistant in more and more places (08-30-2017)
Cortana and Alexa are coming together in surprising Microsoft (08-30-2017)
Google Assistant coming soon to more speakers, appliances and other devices (08-30-2017)
Google announces three third (08-30-2017)
Amazon and Microsoft team up to make their AI assistants Alexa and Cortana talk to each other (08-30-2017)
Microsoft and Amazon partner to integrate Alexa and Cortana digital assistants (08-30-2017)
Sonos FCC filing confirms a voice (08-28-2017)
14 ways you can control your home with your voice using Amazon's Echo and Alexa (AMZN) (08-27-2017)
Voiceprint Phrases (08-25-2017)
Google Cloud Speech API Improves Longform Audio Recognition Adds New Language Variants (08-25-2017)
Ask Alexa: How Does Douglas County Promote Community Engagement? (08-24-2017)
Launching the Speech Commands Dataset (08-24-2017)
Tips for a Successful Echo Show Alexa Skills Certification (08-23-2017)
Walmart dives into voice (08-22-2017)
Google Cloud Speech API now supports 30 more languages (08-22-2017)
Microsoft Researchers Set New Speech Recognition Record (08-21-2017)
Microsoft's voice (08-21-2017)
Got engaging Alexa skills? Amazon will now reward your efforts (08-21-2017)
Introducing the Alexa Voice Service Device SDK for Commercial Device Makers (08-17-2017)
Ditch That Landline and Use Google Home Instead (08-16-2017)
Google Home is now officially a voice (08-16-2017)
Alexa Breaks Out of the Home with the HTC U11 Smartphone (08-16-2017)
The Anker Eufy Genie Brings Alexa Voice Control to Every Room (08-16-2017)
Amazon expands program that pays Alexa developers for top (08-16-2017)
Amazon will pay more developers who make popular Alexa skills (08-16-2017)
Amazon's Alexa can now steer exoskeletons (08-16-2017)
Google Updates Cloud Speech API to Focus on Business Oriented Market (08-15-2017)
Google updates Cloud Speech API with support for long (08-14-2017)
Google Cloud Speech API now supports 30 more languages (08-14-2017)
Google Updates Cloud Speech API for Android App Developers (08-14-2017)
Google now recognizes 119 languages for voice (08-14-2017)
Google announces updates to Cloud Speech API (08-14-2017)
Here's the salt shaker with Bluetooth and Alexa integration that you've always wanted (08-11-2017)
Community Spotlight: Rise And Shine With This Alexa Skill (08-11-2017)
Introducing Alexa Skills Workshops Powered by Galvanize (08-10-2017)
AssemblyAI wants to put customized speech recognition within reach of any developer (08-10-2017)
Best smart thermostat for Amazon Echo (08-10-2017)
Add Programmable Voice to Your Node.js Apps with Express (08-09-2017)
Anker made a tiny Alexa speaker thats like an Echo Dot but cheaper (08-09-2017)
This company's making it stupid easy to build an Alexa (08-09-2017)
Researchers develop method for real (08-07-2017)
AssemblyAI API for customizable speech recognition (08-04-2017)
Amazons Prime Photos now works with Alexa on Fire TV (08-03-2017)
There's finally a Bluetooth salt shaker with Alexa compatibility and mood lighting (08-03-2017)
Algolia Alexa Skills Kit Integrate Algolia search into your Amazon Skill (08-03-2017)
A Hack Can Turn an Amazon Echo Into a Wiretap (08-01-2017)
Alexa Hack Allows Continuous Eavesdropping (08-01-2017)
Mozilla launches experimental voice search, file (08-01-2017)
Life Bots new Alexa app can text you reminders, help with daily activities (07-28-2017)
Speech Recognition Anywhere Use your voice to fill out forms and control the web (07-27-2017)
Cortanas new Fitbit skill lets you log fitness progress with your voice (07-27-2017)
Mozilla is crowdsourcing voice recognition to make AI work for the people (07-27-2017)
Google is removing OK, Google voice search from Chromebooks (07-24-2017)
Kakao is putting speech recognition tech into cars from Hyundai and Kia (07-24-2017)
Designing Skills for Echo Show: Choosing the Right Template (07-18-2017)
Google Analytics adds voice (07-18-2017)
Is speech recognition software having a renaissance? (07-17-2017)
Introducing the First Alexa Accelerator Class (07-17-2017)
Test Your Alexa Skill's Voice User Interface with This Handy Tool (07-17-2017)
Explore GitHub Explore GitHub with Alexa (07-16-2017)
Introducing Entertainment Capabilities in Alexa Smart Home (07-13-2017)
How to Control Your Entertainment Devices with the Smart Home Skill API (07-13-2017)
Logitech just made it easier to manage your Harmony (07-13-2017)
Any Alexa device can control your Fire TV (07-12-2017)
Amazon may give app developers access to Alexa audio recordings (07-12-2017)
You can now use your Alexa devices to control your Amazon Fire TV (07-12-2017)
Allrecipes Elevates Alexa Skill with New Visual Capabilities in the Alexa Skills Kit (07-12-2017)
Amazon's Alexa can book hotels through Kayak with your voice (07-12-2017)
Add the Power of Voice to a Multi (07-11-2017)
Tips for Successful Alexa Smart Home Skill API Certification (07-11-2017)
Amazons latest service helps you set up your Alexa (07-10-2017)
How to shop on Amazon using Alexa voice controls (07-10-2017)
Smart speaker calls 911 during domestic dispute, police rescue woman and daughter (07-10-2017)
Amazon is launching a series of Alexa training workshops worldwide (07-06-2017)
Improving Customer Service with Amazon Connect and Amazon Lex (06-30-2017)
Beyond Verbal launches API to enable voice (06-22-2017)
Amazon's Alexa Can Now Control Your Home Cameras (06-22-2017)
'API economy' company Twilio coming to Australia (06-20-2017)
Ask Alexa to play your favorite SiriusXM station (06-20-2017)
Amazon's new policy kills ad network that monetizes Echo Skills (06-16-2017)
Makers Academys Alexa Series: How to Authenticate Skill Users with OAuth : Alexa Blogs (06-15-2017)
The first ad network for Alexa Skills shuts down following Amazons policy changes (06-15-2017)
Amazon launched a new barcode (06-15-2017)
Amazons new Alexa (06-14-2017)
Amazons new Alexa (06-14-2017)
Amazon Opens Up Video Skill API So Alexa Can Control Any TV (06-14-2017)
Snips Voice Platform The first AI (06-14-2017)
Amazon rolls out Alexa Video Skill API (06-13-2017)
Astro lets you manage your inbox from Slack, check email hands (06-13-2017)
Astros AI (06-13-2017)
Agency Execs Question New Amazon Alexa Video Approach (06-12-2017)
Amazon opens Alexa voice control to all video streaming services (06-08-2017)
Amazon's new video API lets Alexa channel surf (06-08-2017)
Amazon has programmed Alexa to tell you who is on course to win the election (AMZN) (06-08-2017)
Google Home now available for pre (06-02-2017)
Voiceitt lets people with speech impairments use voice (06-01-2017)
Amazon Alexa finally supports iCloud calendars (05-31-2017)
Amazon rejects AI2s Alexa skill voice (05-31-2017)
Amazons Alexa adds support for iCloud calendars (05-31-2017)
Essential Home is an Amazon Echo competitor that puts privacy first (05-30-2017)
Tutorial: Asynchronous Speech Recognition in Python (05-24-2017)
Ikeas smart light bulbs will work with Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Google Assistant (05-23-2017)
Flo Voice based video editing app powered by A.I & Deep Learning (05-23-2017)
chatskills Run Alexa apps on the command (05-17-2017)
Google brings hands (05-17-2017)
Googles Home speaker can now make phone calls (05-17-2017)
Amazons Alexa is getting opt (05-16-2017)
Amazon just added notification alerts to Alexa, which is the worst feature ever (05-16-2017)

These are curated as part of my daily work to understand what is happening across the space, and I regularly use them to track on what has occurred overtime, and include them in my guides, whitepapers, and other outputs.

Featured Voice Companies and Organizations

These are the organizations I come across in my research who are doing interesting things in the API space. They could be companies, institutions, government agencies, or any other type of organizational entity. My goal is to aggregate so I can stay in tune with what they are up to and how it impacts the API space.


Intels innovation in cloud computing, data center, Internet of Things, and PC solutions is powering the smart and connected digital world we live in.

  • Blog RSS - The blog rss for the Intel platform.
  • Crunchbase - The crunchbase for the Intel platform.
  • Crunchbase - The crunchbase for the Intel platform.
  • Developer - The developer for the Intel platform.
  • Facebook - The facebook for the Intel platform.
  • Instagram - The instagram for the Intel platform.
  • Investor - The investor for the Intel platform.
  • Linkedin - The linkedin for the Intel platform.
  • News - The news for the Intel platform.
  • Support - The support for the Intel platform.
  • Support - The support for the Intel platform.
  • Support - The support for the Intel platform.
  • Twitter - The twitter for the Intel platform.
  • Website - The website for the Intel platform.
  • Website - The website for the Intel platform.
  • Website - The website for the Intel platform.
  • Youtube - The youtube for the Intel platform.


  • get products by category
  • get products by category
  • getDetail
  • home
  • index a single article
  • reindex all articles in shop
  • returns all the categories matching the filters
  • returns all the product ids of a root category
  • search article
  • search article

Abbrebiations STANDS4

  • Get Abbreviations
  • Get Anagrams
  • Get Conversions
  • Get Dictionary Definitions
  • Get Grammar
  • Get Literature
  • Get Lyrics
  • Get Phrases
  • Get Poetry
  • Get Quotes
  • Get Rhymes
  • Get Scripts
  • Get Synonyms
  • Get ZIP Codes


  • Analytics live for a date range
  • Analytics live for a day
  • Analytics live for a month
  • Analytics live for a week
  • Analytics live for a year
  • Analytics live Today
  • Analytics lives project For a date range Paginated
  • Analytics lives project For a day Paginated
  • Analytics lives project For a week Paginated
  • Analytics lives project For a year Paginated
  • Analytics lives project Today
  • Analytics lives project Today Paginated
  • Analytics Session Events
  • Analytics video for a date range
  • Analytics video for a day
  • Analytics video for a month
  • Analytics video for a week
  • Analytics video for a year
  • Analytics video Today
  • Analytics videos project For a date range Paginated
  • Analytics videos project For a day Paginated
  • Analytics videos project For a month Paginated
  • Analytics videos project For a week Paginated
  • Analytics videos project For a year Paginated
  • Analytics videos project Today
  • Analytics videos project Today Paginated
  • Authenticate - Get Access Token
  • Authenticate - Refresh token
  • Create a Live
  • Create Player
  • Create Video
  • Delete Caption
  • Delete Live Stream
  • Delete Player
  • Delete Video
  • Generate a token
  • List Caption
  • List Live Streams
  • List Live Streams Paginated
  • List Players
  • List Players Paginated
  • List Videos with Pagination
  • Patch Player
  • Pick video thumbnail with timecode
  • Show account
  • Show Caption
  • Show Live Stream
  • Show Player
  • Show Video
  • Show Video Status
  • Update a Live
  • Update Caption
  • Update Video
  • Upload a Live Thumbnail
  • Upload Caption
  • Upload delegated video
  • Upload player logo
  • Upload Video (Size <= 128Mb)
  • Upload video thumbnail


  • Create a new character
  • Delete all characters
  • Find characters
  • Get a specific character
  • Get API definition
  • Get API info
  • Update a character


  • Logs out current logged in user session
  • Logs out current logged in user session
  • Logs user into the system

Articles API

  • Create a User
  • Create an Article
  • Delete an Article
  • Edit an Article
  • Find all Articles
  • Find all Articles (from all users) that contain the given tag(s)
  • Reports basic status data about the state of this microservice.

Blog Sample Swagger documentation

  • create article
  • create comment
  • delete article details
  • delete comment details
  • show all articles
  • show all comments
  • show article details
  • show comment details
  • update article details
  • update article details
  • update comment details
  • update comment details
  • user sing in
  • user sing up

Clients Policies API

  • getClientById
  • getClientByName
  • getClientByName2
  • getPoliciesByName

Core Docs

  • Add an event to the store
  • create
  • edit

Demo Swagger

Dental Clinic Management API

  • Change Patient information
  • Change service information
  • Create new Service
  • Create patient
  • Delete Patient by Id
  • Delete service information
  • Display Service information
  • Get a patient by Id
  • Get services

E-learning CodiGo - API - Documentación

  • Add a new pet to the store

Enterprise Flows Repository - Applications

  • Add a new interface for this contract.
  • Add new application.
  • delete an application.
  • Get 1 application.
  • Get complete description of a interface.
  • Get complete life of this version.
  • List actors of a application.
  • List all Objects managed.
  • List all temporal representations.
  • List applications.
  • List classes.
  • List of interfaces.
  • Modify existing application.


  • Inicia o processo de faturamento da venda passada na requisição
  • Inicia o processo de faturamento da venda passada na requisição
  • Inicia o processo de faturamento da venda passada na requisição
  • Inicia o processo de faturamento da venda passada na requisição
  • Retorna todos os Carregamentos disponíveis
  • Retorna todos os Pedidos de Venda disponíveis
  • Retorna um Carregamento a partir de um código
  • Retorna um Pedido de Venda a partir de um código

Foursquare (OAuth 2.0 Auth Code)


  • Replace keys by links if key was found


  • Buy amount of shares passed by params called "amount"
  • Buy amount of shares passed by params called "amount"
  • Buy amount of shares passed by params called "amount"
  • Buy amount of shares passed by params called "amount"
  • Return current price of FB Stock
  • Return current price of GOOG Stock
  • Returns AAPL shares purchased by user
  • Returns current price of AAPL Stock
  • Returns GOOG shares purchased by user
  • Sell amount of shares passed by params called "amount"
  • Sell amount of shares passed by params called "amount"
  • Sell amount of shares passed by params called "amount"
  • Sell amount of shares passed by params called "amount"
  • Verify user

Open Education API

  • GET /
  • GET /buildings
  • GET /buildings/{buildingId}
  • GET /course-groups
  • GET /course-groups/{courseGroupId}
  • GET /course-offerings
  • GET /course-results
  • GET /course-results/{courseResultId}
  • GET /courseOfferings/{courseOfferingId}
  • GET /courses
  • GET /courses/{courseId}
  • GET /educational-departments
  • GET /educational-departments/{educationalDepartmentId}
  • GET /educational-plans
  • GET /educational-plans/{educationalPlanId}
  • GET /educational-programmes
  • GET /educational-programmes/{educationalProgrammeId}
  • GET /faculties
  • GET /faculties/{facultyId}
  • GET /institution
  • GET /news-feeds
  • GET /news-feeds/{newsFeedId}
  • GET /news-items
  • GET /news-items/{newsItemId}
  • GET /persons
  • GET /persons/{personId}
  • GET /rooms
  • GET /rooms/{roomId}
  • GET /schedules
  • GET /schedules/{scheduleId}
  • GET /test-results
  • GET /test-results/{testResultId}
  • GET /tests
  • GET /tests/{testId}

OpenAPI definition

  • Check server status
  • Check server status
  • Check server status
  • This is the test endpoint


  • Altera informacoes do Profissionais
  • Deleta um profissional
  • Inclusão de profissional
  • Retorna informacoes dos Profissionais
  • Retorna informacoes dos Profissionais


  • Returns data on every registered Pokémon ability.
  • Returns data on every registered Pokémon generation.
  • Returns data on every registered Pokémon habitat.
  • Returns data on every registered Pokémon type.
  • Returns data on every registered Pokémon.
  • Returns Pokémon ability data of matching ID.
  • Returns Pokémon ability data of matching name.
  • Returns Pokémon data of matching ID.
  • Returns Pokémon data of matching species name.
  • Returns Pokémon generation data of matching ID.
  • Returns Pokémon generation data of matching region name.
  • Returns Pokémon habitat data of matching ID.
  • Returns Pokémon habitat data of matching name.
  • Returns Pokémon type data of matching ID.
  • Returns Pokémon type data of matching name.
  • Returns Pokémons from generation of matching ID.
  • Returns Pokémons from the evolution chain of the Pokémon of matching ID.
  • Returns Pokémons from the habitat of matching ID.
  • Returns Pokémons from type of matching ID.
  • Returns Pokémons possessing ability of matching ID.


  • Atualiza a solicitação de reembolso
  • Deleta o protocolo de reembolso
  • Faz a solicitação de reembolso
  • Retorna as solicitações de reembolso do protocolo especificado
  • Retorna todas as solicitações de reembolso dos beneficiários de planos de saúde

Sample APIs Spec

  • API to delete an entity
  • API to list all records for an entity
  • API to post records to an entity
  • API to update records of an entity


  • Account & System Status
  • Adding to Queue | Google Maps
  • Callback Errors
  • JSON Results

Swagger CNN news channels services API

  • getAll
  • linkContains
  • searchByChannel
  • titleContains

Swagger Companies

  • List companies

Swagger Sample API

The Jira Cloud platform REST API

  • Add actors to project role
  • Add attachment
  • Add comment
  • Add default actors to project role
  • Add field to default screen
  • Add filter as favorite
  • Add screen tab field
  • Add share permission
  • Add user to group
  • Add vote
  • Add watcher
  • Add worklog
  • Assign issue
  • Assign permission scheme
  • Bulk create issue
  • Bulk delete issue property
  • Bulk get users
  • Bulk set issue property
  • Bulk set issues properties
  • Cancel task
  • Check issues against JQL
  • Convert user identifiers to account IDs in JQL queries
  • Create component
  • Create custom field
  • Create custom field options
  • Create draft workflow scheme
  • Create filter
  • Create group
  • Create issue
  • Create issue field option
  • Create issue link
  • Create issue link type
  • Create issue type
  • Create or update remote issue link
  • Create permission grant
  • Create permission scheme
  • Create project
  • Create project category
  • Create project role
  • Create screen tab
  • Create user
  • Create version
  • Create workflow scheme
  • Create workflow transition property
  • Delete actors from project role
  • Delete and replace version
  • Delete app property
  • Delete attachment
  • Delete avatar
  • Delete comment
  • Delete comment property
  • Delete component
  • Delete dashboard item property
  • Delete default actors from project role
  • Delete default workflow
  • Delete draft default workflow
  • Delete draft workflow scheme
  • Delete filter
  • Delete issue
  • Delete issue field option
  • Delete issue link
  • Delete issue link type
  • Delete issue property
  • Delete issue type
  • Delete issue type property
  • Delete issue types for workflow in draft workflow scheme
  • Delete issue types for workflow in workflow scheme
  • Delete locale
  • Delete permission scheme
  • Delete permission scheme grant
  • Delete preference
  • Delete project
  • Delete project avatar
  • Delete project category
  • Delete project property
  • Delete project role
  • Delete remote issue link by global ID
  • Delete remote issue link by ID
  • Delete screen tab
  • Delete share permission
  • Delete user
  • Delete user property
  • Delete version
  • Delete vote
  • Delete watcher
  • Delete webhooks by ID
  • Delete workflow for issue type in draft workflow scheme
  • Delete workflow for issue type in workflow scheme
  • Delete workflow scheme
  • Delete workflow transition property
  • Delete worklog
  • Delete worklog property
  • Disable time tracking
  • Edit issue
  • Evaluate Jira expression
  • Extend webhook life
  • Find groups
  • Find user keys by query
  • Find users
  • Find users and groups
  • Find users assignable to issues
  • Find users assignable to projects
  • Find users by query
  • Find users for picker
  • Find users with browse permission
  • Find users with permissions
  • Fully update project role
  • Get accessible project type by key
  • Get account IDs for users
  • Get actors count for project role
  • Get advanced settings
  • Get all application roles
  • Get all dashboards
  • Get all issue field options
  • Get all issue types for user
  • Get all labels
  • Get all metadata for an expanded attachment
  • Get all permission schemes
  • Get all permissions
  • Get all project avatars
  • Get all project categories
  • Get all project roles
  • Get all project types
  • Get all projects
  • Get all screen schemes
  • Get all screen tab fields
  • Get all screen tabs
  • Get all screens
  • Get all status categories
  • Get all statuses
  • Get all statuses for project
  • Get all time tracking providers
  • Get all users
  • Get all workflow schemes
  • Get all workflows
  • Get alternative issue types
  • Get app properties
  • Get app property
  • Get application property
  • Get application role
  • Get assigned permission scheme
  • Get attachment metadata
  • Get audit records
  • Get available screen fields
  • Get avatars
  • Get bulk permissions
  • Get change logs
  • Get columns
  • Get comment
  • Get comment property
  • Get comment property keys
  • Get comments
  • Get comments by IDs
  • Get component
  • Get component issues count
  • Get contents metadata for an expanded attachment
  • Get contexts for a field
  • Get create issue metadata
  • Get current user
  • Get custom field option
  • Get dashboard
  • Get dashboard item property
  • Get dashboard item property keys
  • Get default actors for project role
  • Get default share scope
  • Get default workflow
  • Get draft default workflow
  • Get draft workflow scheme
  • Get dynamic webhooks for app
  • Get edit issue metadata
  • Get failed webhooks
  • Get favorite filters
  • Get field auto complete suggestions
  • Get field reference data
  • Get fields
  • Get fields paginated
  • Get filter
  • Get filters
  • Get global settings
  • Get group
  • Get IDs of deleted worklogs
  • Get IDs of updated worklogs
  • Get issue
  • Get issue field option
  • Get issue link
  • Get issue link type
  • Get issue link types
  • Get issue navigator default columns
  • Get issue picker suggestions
  • Get issue property
  • Get issue property keys
  • Get issue security level
  • Get issue security scheme
  • Get issue security schemes
  • Get issue type
  • Get issue type property
  • Get issue type property keys
  • Get issue types for workflows in draft workflow scheme
  • Get issue types for workflows in workflow scheme
  • Get issue watchers
  • Get issue worklogs
  • Get Jira attachment settings
  • Get Jira instance info
  • Get locale
  • Get modules
  • Get my filters
  • Get my permissions
  • Get notification scheme
  • Get notification schemes paginated
  • Get options for field
  • Get permission scheme
  • Get permission scheme grant
  • Get permission scheme grants
  • Get permitted projects
  • Get preference
  • Get priorities
  • Get priority
  • Get project
  • Get project category by id
  • Get project components
  • Get project components paginated
  • Get project issue security levels
  • Get project issue security scheme
  • Get project issue type hierarchy
  • Get project notification scheme
  • Get project property
  • Get project property keys
  • Get project role by ID
  • Get project role details
  • Get project role for project
  • Get project roles for project
  • Get project type by key
  • Get project versions
  • Get project versions paginated
  • Get projects paginated
  • Get remote issue link by ID
  • Get remote issue links
  • Get resolution
  • Get resolutions
  • Get screens for a field
  • Get selectable issue field options
  • Get selected time tracking provider
  • Get share permission
  • Get share permissions
  • Get status
  • Get status category
  • Get system avatars by type
  • Get task
  • Get time tracking settings
  • Get transitions
  • Get user
  • Get user default columns
  • Get user email
  • Get user email bulk
  • Get user groups
  • Get user property
  • Get user property keys
  • Get users from group
  • Get valid project key
  • Get valid project name
  • Get version
  • Get version's related issues count
  • Get version's unresolved issues count
  • Get visible issue field options
  • Get votes
  • Get workflow for issue type in draft workflow scheme
  • Get workflow for issue type in workflow scheme
  • Get workflow scheme
  • Get workflow scheme project associations
  • Get workflow transition properties
  • Get workflow transition rule configurations
  • Get workflows paginated
  • Get worklog
  • Get worklog property
  • Get worklog property keys
  • Get worklogs
  • Load avatar
  • Load issue type avatar
  • Load project avatar
  • Merge versions
  • Move screen tab
  • Move screen tab field
  • Move version
  • Parse JQL query
  • Partial update project role
  • Register dynamic webhooks
  • Register modules
  • Remove filter as favorite
  • Remove group
  • Remove modules
  • Remove screen tab field
  • Remove user from group
  • Replace issue field option
  • Reset columns
  • Reset user default columns
  • Search for dashboards
  • Search for filters
  • Search for issues using JQL (GET)
  • Search for issues using JQL (POST)
  • Select time tracking provider
  • Send notification for issue
  • Set actors for project role
  • Set app property
  • Set application property
  • Set columns
  • Set comment property
  • Set dashboard item property
  • Set default share scope
  • Set issue navigator default columns
  • Set issue property
  • Set issue type property
  • Set issue types for workflow in workflow scheme
  • Set issue types for workflow in workflow scheme
  • Set locale
  • Set preference
  • Set project avatar
  • Set project property
  • Set time tracking settings
  • Set user default columns
  • Set user property
  • Set workflow for issue type in draft workflow scheme
  • Set workflow for issue type in workflow scheme
  • Set worklog property
  • Transition issue
  • Update comment
  • Update component
  • Update default workflow
  • Update draft default workflow
  • Update draft workflow scheme
  • Update filter
  • Update issue field option
  • Update issue link type
  • Update issue type
  • Update permission scheme
  • Update project
  • Update project category
  • Update project type
  • Update remote issue link by ID
  • Update screen tab
  • Update version
  • Update workflow scheme
  • Update workflow transition property
  • Update workflow transition rule configurations
  • Update worklog
  • Validate project key

The Simplest API

The Title of your project

  • Create a new owner in system
  • Create a new playlist in system
  • Delete owner with given ID
  • Delete playlist with given ID
  • Get all owners in system
  • Get all playlists in system
  • Get owner with given ID
  • Get playlist with given ID
  • Update owner with given ID
  • Update playlist with given ID

TUIAirport API

  • returns a list of TUIAirport objects given the search/filer criteria provided
  • returns a list of TUIAirport objects given the search/filer criteria provided
  • returns a list of TUIAirport objects given the search/filer criteria provided
  • returns one of zero TUIAirport objects given the search/filer criteria provided

TUIFlightSchedules API

  • returns a list of TUIFlightSchedule objects given the search/filer criteria provided
  • returns a list of TUIFlightSchedule objects given the search/filer criteria provided



Cloud communications platform for building SMS, Voice & Messaging applications on an API built for global scale. Get started with a free trial.

No Title


  • Add Account
  • Add Account Usage Trigger
  • Add Account Usage Triggers
  • Add Application
  • Add Applications
  • Add Conference Call Participants
  • Add Connected App
  • Add Domains
  • Add Domains
  • Add Domains Credentials
  • Add Domains IP Access Control List Mappings
  • Add Incoming Local Phone Numbers
  • Add Incoming Phone Number
  • Add Message
  • Add Outgoing Caller Id
  • Add Outgoing Caller Id
  • Add Queue
  • Add Queue Members
  • Add SIP Credentials List
  • Add SIP IP Access Control List
  • Add SIP IP Access Control List IP Address
  • Add SIP IP Access Control List IP Address
  • Add SIP IP Access Control List IP Address
  • Add SMS Short Code Media
  • Add To SIP Credentials List
  • Delete Account Usage Trigger
  • Delete Application
  • Delete Conference Call Participants
  • Delete Domains Credentials
  • Delete Domains Credentials
  • Delete Domains IP Access Control List Mappings
  • Delete Incoming Phone Number
  • Delete Outgoing Caller ID
  • Delete Queue Members
  • Delete Recording
  • Delete SIP Credential From List
  • Delete SIP Credential List
  • Delete SIP IP Access Control List IP Address
  • Delete SIP IP Access Control List IP Address
  • Delete Transcription
  • Get Account Usage Record
  • Get Account Usage Record Sub Resource
  • Get Account Usage Trigger
  • Get Account Usage Triggers
  • Get Accounts
  • Get Acount
  • Get Application
  • Get Applications
  • Get Authorized Connected App
  • Get Authorized Connected Apps
  • Get Available Local Phone Numbers
  • Get Available Mobile Phone Numbers
  • Get Available Toll Free Phone Numbers
  • Get Call
  • Get Calls
  • Get Conference
  • Get Conference Call Participants
  • Get Conference Calls
  • Get Connected App
  • Get Connected Apps
  • Get Domains
  • Get Domains
  • Get Domains Credentials
  • Get Domains IP Access Control List Mapping
  • Get Domains IP Access Control List Mappings
  • Get Incoming Local Phone Numbers
  • Get Incoming Phone Number
  • Get Incoming Phone Numbers
  • Get Message Media
  • Get Message Media
  • Get Message Media
  • Get Message Media
  • Get Outgoing Caller Ids
  • Get Outgoing Caller Ids
  • Get Queue Members
  • Get Queue Members
  • Get Queue Members
  • Get Queue Members In Front
  • Get Queues
  • Get Recording
  • Get Recording Transcriptions
  • Get Recordings
  • Get Recordings
  • Get SIP Credentials List
  • Get SIP Credentials List
  • Get SIP Credentials List
  • Get SIP Credentials List
  • Get SIP Credentials List
  • Get SIP Credentials List
  • Get SIP IP Access Control List
  • Get SIP IP Access Control List IP Address
  • Get SIP IP Access Control List IP Address
  • Get SIP IP Access Control List IP Address
  • Get SMS Short Code Media
  • Get SMS Short Code Media
  • Get Transcription
  • Get Transcriptions
  • GetParticipantForConference
  • GetSMS
  • GetSMSList
  • GetTranscription
  • GetTranscriptionList
  • Make Call
  • SendSMS
  • Update Account
  • Update Incoming Phone Number
  • Update Outgoing Caller Id
  • Update Queue Members
  • Update Queue Members In Front


Twilio Messaging API

  • Add Message
  • Add Message Media
  • Get Message
  • Get Message Media
  • Get Message Media
  • Get Message Media
  • Get Message Media

Twilio Recordings API

  • DeleteRecording
  • GetRecording
  • GetRecordingListForAccount
  • GetTranscriptionListForRecording

Twilio SIP Credential Lists API

Other Voice Companies and Organizations

These are additional companies who have APIs, but do not have as much detaila nd resources available to rank with the others.


8x8s VoIP business phone systems deliver affordable, cloud-based voice, video, messaging, and call center solutions, helping you serve customers anytime, anywhere.

Amazon Pay

Offer shoppers a trusted online payment service. Amazon Pay makes checkout on your site fast and secure for hundreds of millions of Amazon customers around the world.

Better eSolution

Chat Word Dictionary

Mobile-friendly A to Z searchable dictionary of commonly used chat words, text words, SMS words, Smileys, and their meanings



ECTACO Inc. offers electronic pocket multilingual talking dictionaries (hand-held electronic translators, language translators). We have a wide choice of Language Teacher® electronic dictionaries. Over 50 models in 45+ languages are available


Genesys,, is a company that sells customer experience and call center technology to mid-sized and large businesses.

Global Communications Network


NCH Swift Sound

NCH Software has received numerous awards in software excellence for our Windows/Mac video, audio, graphics, computer utility, dictation and business software.

Radiant Communications Corp.

Radiant Communications is a leading provider of managed networks, cloud hosting, and voice services for medium-sized businesses in Canada.


Soft 14 - freeware shareware download: good programs, software foroffice, business, productivity, finance, video, audio, games, internet, multimedia and design, ebook, web, software development, DVD, mp3, utilities, web, free, news, MS Windows, home and education and hobby, catalog, store and archive, desktop enhancements, screensaver. Free download links, reviews, top 20 downloads, over 200 categories. Purchase or free trial demo download. Full search...

Solo Explorer

Wav to midi conversion and automatic music transcription software. Converts monophonic audio to midi, extracts and displays pitch and music score, lets you play, edit, and save them.



Tinychat is easy and free video chat rooms for all. Browse through the free video chat rooms to meet friends or make your own chat room. No downloads, no signup, no problem.

TeamSpeak, Mumble and Ventrilo servers setup instantly. Create your own server for only $2.00! We guarantee uptime and low pings across our hosting network.



Online video chat Vichatter. Free communication through a webcam. Join our video chat online today and enjoy! Use Vichatter to find new friends.

Industry Tag Cloud

This set of tags represent this industry, pulled from the website and marketing materials available for each of the companies listed.

200120032004200520063D3G4G56KA-UXAbbreviationAbout.comAcademic SizedAccessAccessoriesAccountingAction Script FilesAd ManagementAddressingADLAdministrationADOAdult LearningAdvanced TutorialsAdvertising, Banners, And ExchangesAffordableAfricaAfrican AmericanAICPAAJAXAlabamaAlaskaAlbertaAlgol 68AlgorithmsAlphaAlternative InputAnalyticsAnimalsAnimatedAnti SpamAnti SpywareAOL Instant MessengerAOL SearchApacheAppApple LogosAppletsApplicationApplicationsArabicArcade GamesArizonaArkansasARMArmeniaArticlesArtificial WorldsArts And CraftsASCIIAsiaAskASP.NetAssetsAssociationsAsynchronousAtomAuctionsAudioAudio To MidiAustraliaAustriaAuthenticationAutoLISPAutomaticAutomationAutomotiveAutomountAutopilotAvailabilityAYBangladeshBarlow, John PerryBasilisk IIBattleBotsBBC BASICBBCodeBefungeBelgiumBestBilingualBingBiometricsBistroBittorrentBlitzBasicBooksBorland JBuilderBot ServicesBotsBoycott, LawsuitsBricklin, DanielBritish ColumbiaBroadcastBSPBugzillaBUILD EngineBuild Management SystemsBurnBurningBusinessBusiness Phone SystemsBusinessPhoneSystemsBuyBuy-SideBy ContextBy LocationBy TopicBzip2C And C++C++Cable ModemCachingCalculatorsCalendarsCall CenterCamlCanadaCard GamesCasesCasioCDCECelebrityCellCGIChannelsCharacter EncodingChatChatlineChatroomChats And ForumsCheats And HintsCheckoutChineseChristmasCickaCIFSCisco IOSCitrixCloakingClocks And TimersClosed SourceCloudCocoaCollectionsCollege DictionaryColor PickersColoradoColorForthCommerceCommercialCommercial ProductsCommercial Products And ServicesCommercial ServicesCommodoreCommsCommunicationCommunicationsCommunications And NetworkingCommunityCompaniesCompilersComponentsCompressionConduitsConferencesConfiguration ManagementConnectConnecticutConnectionsConnectorsConsultantsConsultingConsumer OpinionsContactsContent ManagementContributionsConversationsConversionConverterConvertersCookiesCosta RicaCounters And TrackersCoursesCrayCreativityCreoleCriticismCryptographyCrystal SpaceCSAE3416CshCSoundCueCatcURLCursor TrailsCustomerCustomer ServiceCyberspaceCybikoCybotCyprusCzech RepublicDANEDataData ManagementData MiningData RecoveryData StructuredDatabaseDatabasesDataCADDataPerfectDebianDebuggingDeclarativeDelawareDellDemoDemosceneDenmarkDerivativesDesign ToolsDesktop EnhancementsDesktop ThemesDesktopsDevelopersDevelopmentDevelopment ToolsDHCPDHTMLDictationDictionariesDictionaries And ThesauriDictionaryDigitalDigital PerformerDingbatsDirect3DDirectoriesDirectoryDiscDiscussion ForumsDisk RecoveryDiskmagsDistributed ComputingDistributed ObjectsDistributorsDjDoc ReadingDock AppsDocumentDocument ArchivesDocument ManagementDocument Object ModelsDocument TypesDogcowsDogsDonationDonationsDOSDownloadDrawing And ImagesDSLDTDsDutchDVDDVIwareDylanE-mailEasterEasyEbookEconometricsEditEditorsEducationEducationalEee PCEIDEElasticElectronic DictionaryElectronic TranslatorEmailEmoticonEmploymentEmulatorsEncodingEncryptionEnd-to-EndEnglishEnterpriseEnterprise SystemsEnvironmentsEquineEthernetEthics And StandardsEudoraEuropeEventsEvolutionary DeliveryExample SourcesEximExpandersExperts And Add-OnsExpressionFamilyFAQs, Help, And TutorialsFast Fourier TransformsFaxFeed ServicesFeiss, EllenFibre ChannelFile SplittersFile TransferFinanceFinancialFinancial ServicesFinlandFirefox OSFirewallsFirewireFlamingFlashFlash DisksFloridaFolding At HomeFontsForeign Language InterfacesForensics And Incident ResponseFormsForms ProcessingForumsForums And NetworksForwardingFractalsFrameworksFranceFreeFree For All LinksFreewareFrenchFriendFTPFTP ClientsFuckgeneralmotors.comFunctional LogicFunctionsGalaxyNetGamesGames, FunGates, BillGEMGeneral And FreelanceGeorgiaGermanGI RendersGlobalizationGlossariesGLXGNU HurdGNU PascalGoldMineGoodGoogle TalkGopherGradebooksGraphic SubsystemsGraphicsGreasemonkeyGreat PlainsGreekGreeting CardsGroupsGRUBGuestbooksGuidesGuides And DirectoriesHacksHalloweenHam RadioHand HeldHardwareHardware DriversHardware SupportHas APIHaskellHave 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FramesLCDLearningLibrariesLicensesLingoLinspireLinuxListLiveLookupsLotus 1-2-3Loughborough UniversityLouisianaLove And RomanceLuxembourgLynxOSLyXMacMac OSMacintoshMagazines And E-zinesMagazines And JournalsMagpyeMailMailing ListsMaineMakefile GeneratorsMalaysiaMalicious SoftwareMaltaManagedManitobaManmanMAPIMarketplaceMarkup Languages SupportMarylandMassachusettsMax And MSPMaxDBMeaningMediaMediaBASICMeetingsMember Help And AdviceMepisMessageMessage BoardsMessagesMetaprogrammingMiceMichiganMicroC-OSMicroformatsMicrokernelMicromouseMicrosoft AgentMicrosoft Comic ChatMicrosoft Systems Management ServerMicrosoft Virtual PCMIdMiddle EastMIDIMIME TypesMinnesotaMIPSMirOSMississippiMissouriMitsubishi ElectricMLMobileMobile AgentsMobile ApplicationsMobile ComputingModelModelsModula-3MonitoringMontanaMoore, GordonMosaic CreationMotherboardsMP3MPEGMPIMsgMSN MessengerMSQLMSWLogoMulti-SearchMulticsMultilingualMultimediaMultimedia AuthoringMultimedia InteractionsMultiparadigmMumbleMumble HostingMumble ServerMumble Server HostingMumble ServersMurmur ServerMusicMusic And AudioMusicalMuuss, Michael JohnMySpaceNatural Language ProcessingNetNetherlandsNetRexxNetscapeNetworkNetwork ComputersNetworkingNetworksNevadaNew BrunswickNew HampshireNew MexicoNew ZealandNewsNews And MediaNews, Commentary And AnalysisNewsgroup CreationNewsgroup HostingNextNNTPNo API DefinitionNon-ProfitNorth AmericaNorth CarolinaNorth DakotaNorwayNotationNotebooks And LaptopsNotificationNotificationsNsfNUTSObject-OrientedOccamOceaniaODBCOfficeOffice SuitesOhioOklahomaOnlineOpen InventorOpen SourceOpen Tag FormatOpenGroupware.orgOperaOptimizationOracle WebLogicOrchestrationOregonOrganizationsOricOriginalOS-2OscilloscopeOSPFOther To JavaOzPA-RISCPackage ManagementPackard BellPalmPapert, SeymourParallelPartial Differential EquationsPascalPast EventsPatterns And Anti-PatternsPaymentsPBXPC CardPCIPCIDSSPCMCIAPDP-11Peer SupportPeoplePerformance And CapacityPerlPersonal PagesPhilosophyPhonePhone NumbersPhonesPhpWebSitePilot ManagerPitchPitch To MidiPLPlain TextPlanPlatform And OS ImplementationsPlayback AutomationPliantPlug-and-PlayPlug-insPocketPolishPollsPortingPorting And ArchivesPortsPOSIXPostfixPostman Doc SearchPowerPowerMac G4PPPPPP And SLIPPRIMOSPrintingPrivateProcessingProcmailProduct ReviewsProductivityProductsProducts And ServicesProducts And ToolsProfessionalProgramProgrammingProject ManagementProjectsPronunciationProprietaryProtectionPrototype-basedProvidersProvisioningProxyPublicationsPublishersPurchasePurePushQBasic And QuickBasicQuebecRacketRadiantRadiusRDFReactOSReal-timeRecognitionRecordRecorderRecordingReferenceReferencesReginaRegistrarsRelated ComputersRelated ProjectsRelationalRendering And ModellingRendering EnginesRescue And RecoveryResearchResearch And PapersResellersResourcesRetailersRetroReviewReviewsRevision ControlRFCsRhode IslandRipRipperRISC OS Friendly ISPsRisk ManagementRobot WarsRobots.txtRodentsRolesRoomRoute ServersRouter SimulatorsRTFRTSPRuntimeRussianRxDOSS-LangSafariSample CodeSample PoliciesSassenrath, CarlSchedulingScientificScoreScratchScreensaverScriptingScriptsSearch EnginesSecureSecuritySerialServerlessServersServiceService-Oriented ArchitectureSet-Top BoxesSharewareSharpShell ProvidersShoppingShopping, And OthersShortShort CodesShow ControlSimonyi, CharlesSimulationsSingaporeSingle Address SpaceSIPSIP TrunkSite ReviewsSkyOSSL-5xxx ModelsSlangSlovakiaSloveniaSmallBASICSMSSMTPSNMPSocialSocketsSoftwareSoftware DevelopmentSoftware PiracySoundSource CodeSouth DakotaSpainSpam FilteringSpanishSparseSpeakSpeakingSpecial InterestsSpeechSpiritualSpreadsheetsSpykeeSqliteSSIStandard EditionStandardsStarOfficeStart PagesStatisticsSteganographyStudio ArtistStyliSun MicrosystemsSupportSupport By NovellSurety BondsSwedenSwitzerlandSybase CorpSyncSynchronousSystemSystems And SoftwareT3XTabletTalkTalkingTalking Electronic DictionariesTalking Electronic TranslatorsTandyTasksTCPTeam MessagingTeam Speak ServerTeamspeak 3 HostingTeamspeak 3 ServerTeamspeak 3 ServersTeamspeak HostingTeamspeak ServerTeamspeak Server HostingTeamspeak ServersTelcoTelecommunicationsTelephonyTelnetTemplatesTerminal EmulatorsTerminology ManagementTesler, LawrenceTesting And Quality AssuranceTesting ToolsTexasTextText EditingText EditorsThaiThanksgivingThe PalaceThemesThin ClientThin ClientsThreadXThunderbirdTI-82TI-85TI-86TI-92Time TrackingTOEFL TestToolsTraceroute ServersTrainingTranscriptionTransfer And Escrow ServicesTranslatorsTransmetaTransport LayerTransputerTraversalTrialTributesTRONTroubleshootingTru64True BASICTrueOSTrueTypeTurboCADTurbolinuxTWAINTwitterTxtTypingUkraineUnicom.comUnifaceUnited StatesUniversity Of London, Imperial CollegeUnixUnix And LinuxUnmaintainedUpdates And Service PacksURL EncodedUser GroupsUser ListsUsers GroupsUtahUtilitiesValidationVBAVBScriptVector GraphicsVendor ReleasesVendorsVent ServerVent ServersVentrilloVentrillo ServerVentriloVentrilo ServerVentrilo Server HostingVentrilo ServersVerificationVerificationsVersion ControlVESAVictorianVideoVideo ChatVideo ConferencingVietnameseViewersVinylVirginiaVisorVisual InformationVisual IRCVisual SourceSafeVLIWVMacVMEVMLVoiceVoice ShoppingVoiceXMLVOIPVP8 And WebMWalesWallpapers And ThemesWARCWashingtonWashington, DCWAVWav To MidWav To MidiWav2midWav2midiWaveWave To MidiWearable ElectronicsWebWeb 2.0Web ApplicationsWeb BrowsersWeb SitesWeb User InterfaceWeb-HostingWebalizerWebcamWebDAVWebhooksWeblogsWest VirginiaWildcat Interactive Net ServerWin32 APIWin32ForthWinampWindowsWindows 3.xWindows 98WirelessWisconsinWise SolutionsWoltlab Burning BoardWordWord ProcessorsWordsWormsWorst Of The WebWozniak, SteveWyomingX-FaceXara XXbrlXeroxXfceXFrogXMLXnetXOTclXQueryXSLYahooYahoo MessengerYear 2000ZanetZISCZshZuse, Konrad

They reflect the intent of these platforms, helping people understand what is aavailable for integration into applications.